Wall Panels



Wall Panels from TRS are built in a controlled environment using precision laser technology to ensure that each panel is square, properly sized, and a perfect fit with companion panels. The result is building components precision fitted to your exacting job specifications.



When TRS' wall panels arrive on your job-site, each one is labeled and accompanied by detailed instructions for set-up sequence and placement, which results in faster installation. With window and door openings already framed in, windows and doors can be set quickly. The time and resources necessary to secure building code approval at the state and local levels is often minimized.

Using wall panels means faster installation time. It also means you'll need fewer framers, which translates into more cost savings for you. You're able to maximize your team with only one crew leader. General contractors can also manage multiple job-sites more efficiently and wall panels require less cutting and nailing so you can reduce the risk of job-site injuries.

Because TRS' wall panels come ready to install, the materials aren't left lying around for extended periods of time so there is less chance for job-site theft.





Because TRS' panels arrive as a complete system, you'll reduce waste from inaccurately cut lumber. Less waste results in lower cost of job-site waste removal. Additionally, the amount of shrinkage, warping and twisting of the material due to weather conditions is greatly reduced.

Our design team is capable of producing wall panel designs that can meet your requirements and our production can produce quality wall panels in a controlled work environment.




Lumber prices constantly fluctuate; panel prices are more consistent. That means with wall panels, you can more accurately calculate your costs. Every TRS wall panel is designed according to specification so you know what you're paying for well before the panels arrive on the job-site and you get one invoice for your entire wall package, making budget tracking easier.

Wall panels from TRS are built in a controlled environment using precision laser technology to ensure consistent quality and fit. Because the wall panels arrive on-site as a system, there are fewer construction delays allowing you to complete more homes per year.

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