Roof Trusses

Increased production and efficiency - isn't this every builder's dream? Framing with wood trusses is the most reliable way to efficiently build more economical and dependable homes. Allow our custom built roof trusses transform the way you build today.


TRS produces wood trusses, regardless of the weather, built using computer controlled saws and precision jigs. Our equipment guarantees accuracy and reliability, no matter how complicated the roof trusses are. Manufacturing expertise provides you with consistent fit and performance for the life of the building.



Proven by the WTCA, for every stick-built house, a builder can produce three component homes of the same size and complexity.

TRS roof trusses are built on tables that provide the builder with a proper workspace where they are not constantly bending down to the ground level. Our roof trusses are also built with the Virtek® TrussLine® system that provides our builders with a laser guide. The laser projects an outline of the truss design on the table so the truss joints can be lined up and the appropriate connector pieces are used. This program prevents incorrect and defective pieces from being used in the production of the roof trusses. Production time can be reduced by about 70% because there are no strings or measuring tapes required to properly position the jigging hardware. This system allows complex trusses to be manufactured in a fraction of the time that would be required without the Virtek® TrussLine®.



TRS components has accumulated and extraordinary portfolio containing thousands of complex roof truss designs. We are capable of completing your roof truss requests faster than any of our competitors with products that have been tested and evaluated by our experts. We have engineers that can design custom roof trusses that meet or surpass your needs.




As previously mentioned, our roof trusses are built using the Virtek® TrussLine® system. This system provides a person with workspace that allows for optimum production.

The complicated designs our engineers can produce are made with accuracy and are ideal for any builder’s new construction, addition, or renovation. Each roof truss is designed to meet your loading specifications while maintaining accuracy.

Conventional framing results in a large amount of waste materials on site that are virtually eliminated by TRS roof trusses. Our trusses arrive on site built and ready to be installed. Theft and vandalism are reduced because there are no longer as many loose materials left on site after hours.

TRS roof trusses reduce the amount of time and the size of the labour force required while decreasing the amount of waste on site and less clean-up costs for you.