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TRS Components Ltd. is creating a seamless, single source supply network, combined with our 36 years of experience in building components, provides you with high quality, efficiency, and service.
Our design, engineering, and distribution expertise means we can improve job scheduling while improving the way the customer builds. We work with the customer to design and advise the best system for the individual project. That translates into greater efficiency, greater profit and greater growth.
TRS Components Ltd. provides a single-source network of residential and commercial suppliers. Whether for new construction, renovation or expansion, our broad product offering of trusses, wall panels, floor system, lumber packages, and install makes the job go faster, easier and more efficiently.
TRS Components Ltd. and its team have been servicing the industry since 1974 under ownership of Peter Davis, operating as Thorndale Roof Systems Inc. Edward Davis assumed the business in 1982 and continued operations until 1999 when the company was sold to Universal Forest Products and has purchased the company back after Universal Forest Products decided to dissolve the Canadian US owned facility. The service of customers continues to be strong throughout London, Kitchener and Toronto.


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